What is The Best Dog Beds For Large Dogs

If you have a larger dog such as a Mastiff, St. Bernard, Great Dane, German Shepherd, or one of the many other large canine breeds, you should consider a few things before purchasing their bed.

What is the best dog beds for large dogs?  Consider the common health issues that your dogs breed are known for before purchasing a dog bed.  Many larger breeds can have issues with arthritis, panosteitis, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.  These problems can be due to genetics, like the hip dysplasia or due to the fast growth process these larger breeds experience.

Our larger canine friends can benefit from a quality dog bed made with an orthopedic mattress.  Our pups  are a part of the family and keeping them comfortable while they sleep and giving them the body support to keep their muscles and joints properly supported while resting can be beneficial while they age.

Let’s Take a Look at The Top Dog Beds For Large Dogs


#1  The Purple Dog Bed

The purple pet bed is made with the same quality materials used to make the human mattresses.  You can expect a high quality pet bed giving your dog extreme comfort and support while resting or sleeping on this bed.  For larger breeds the air flow technology , from the open air channels in the grid, keeps them cool and comfortable during hot humid weather.

Ultra-Durable Moisture-Resistant Cover
The Purple Grid
Plush Comfort Foam
Support Foam

What do All The Bed Layers Offer Your Pup?

The cover on the purple pet bed is ready to be clawed and pawed at while your dog finds a comfy position to relax.  Not only does it withstand our pups playful behaviors, it is also water resistant.

It is inevitable that dogs will get dirty and stinky but with the purple pet bed you won’t need to worry.  The cover to this dog bed is antimicrobial, allowing doggy smells to be neutralized and the bacteria is killed before it can cause horrible odors. 

The cover is also hypoallergenic so if your pooch is suffering from any skin allergies you won’t need to worry about any reactions to the material.    

The purple grid layer of the purple pet bed is made to adapt to the shape of your pet giving them the ultimate support of their bones and muscles while easing any pressure to their joints.  When your dog lays down on their bed it will adjust to any of their pressure points ensuring total and complete support.

The grid style also offers air circulation allowing your pet to stay cool and comfortable while resting or sleeping.

The plush comfort foam is designed to enhance the purple grid layer of the pet bed.  It is a soft but high density polyurethane foam offering your pet comforting support while they relax.

The support foam does just that, it offers your pup the support they need to keep their muscles and joints relaxed and comfortable.  

The medium firm high density polyurethane foam not only provides extra support to your dog but also brings the bed together with extra structural support.

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What Else Can You Expect From This Dog Bed?

  • The cover is removable and machine washable
  • Your dog will maintain a stable temperature and not become overheated or to cold with this bed because of the purple crate design that allows for natural air flow
  • No worries of the bed becoming matted down like many others that use a common memory foam.  The Purple Pet Bed is made with hyper-elastic polymer materials that will not crush or lose their shape no matter what size or weight your dog is.  You can rest assured that your dog’s bed will maintain its height and design.

Are There Any Cons to Purchasing This Dog Bed?


Many of the reviews about this dog bed are really positive.  The few negatives that seem to come up more than once are:

  • The bed is heavier than your typical dog bed making it a little more difficult to move around
  • The cover isn’t completely waterproof.  There where a couple reviews that state it is waterproof as long as you get the mess up quickly otherwise it did leak through.

A Little More About The Purple Pet Bed

All in all this is a really great dog bed for larger dogs.  They will find excellent support keeping them comfortable and supported and allowing for a peaceful rest when they use it. 

Our dogs can be very rough on there beds, pawing at them until they find that perfect spot to drop down and nap.  The cover on this dog bed is durable and capable of handling the abuse without ripping and tearing. 

You will find a 1 year warranty with this dog bed along with the opportunity to have your dog test it out for themselves for 100 days.  If your dog doesn’t like it just send it back.  That’s one of the best warranties especially for a dog bed.

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